Rant and opinions wanted. Its a long one.

I have been working on a project for a month and a half. For the first week I was requesting designs that I got about 2 of out of 15. For the next week and a half the designer was on holiday so I couldn't do anything but delivered a few more designs once he got back.

This takes us 2 weeks in already. I have other things to do as well so at the same time I work on support tickets and some bespoke development coming in.

I get given 2 or 3 more designs and can't get anything else out of the designer after waiting a week so I have to design everything myself as I go and build it. Something I have never done before.

We are now 3 and a half weeks in. My boss randomly tells my pm it needs to be demo ready the next day. I work furiously to hack something together. It works but key functionality is missing.

I move house and work from home for a week and a half. I do my best but the project is full of bugs and the CSS is horrible because I didn't know what I was making at any stage. It is therefore CSS rules repeated in IDs everywhere.

My colleagues join me on the project because my boss has decided to try and sell it tomorrow.

They run through it and find all the bugs left from me working furiously to get things done quickly. Things like no search pagination and missing validation.

My boss is now pisses at me because the project is not finished, my colleagues are now all working on it. Throughout it all he knew the designer was not delivering me anything and that I was struggling.

Am I in the wrong for writing shit code that came about because I was coding with no idea of what the finished project should look like? Is he in the wrong for dumping this on me and just letting me get on with it even though he knew there were no designs?

Btw I am just finishing a 1 year internship and before this have never done web dev before.


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    You forgot the bad management tag, that's all this is and it's no reflection on you or your skills.
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    what a bunch of asshats
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    Wow, now I'm kinda glad that we dont have designers. We use templates for start and then add our own designs on them so we basically always have the boilerplate for most of code. Templates look fancy enough, and we do the okay design work. If I was there, I would have probably designed the missing things myself then say that I couldnt wait for the designer to finish such a simple task. You would see how the designer would pick up the pace instantly :)
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    @arekxv no guarantees, some people are 100% fine with being lazy and everyone knowing it. Especially when they get the chance to do so.
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    @yarwest That is true, but if you make the situation public enough so that the management sees the situation, they wont be able to. Trust me, number one goal of management is to have a finished project at lowest cost, and they would rather give the man a nice raise and fire the designer if the guy can do both. And any rational designer will see that. I know that this is not something a developer would want to meddle themselves into, but know that even development jobs need communication and interaction as much as any other job. Most devs either fail or outright dont want to see that (I too would not want to, but cannot avoid it).
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    @edisonn I don't think I am 100% to blame since I did verbally tell my boss that I was receiving no designs.

    You make a really good point though.

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