Maintaining software built by interns who have all quit by now and made zero documentation

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    Laughed before abruptly realizing that I owe my very first Project Manager an apology.
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    Document everything. I know it is annoying, but still...
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    Who does that make iron Man in this analogy? Lol
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    @jamesharrington the sysadmin who has to keep reinstalling modules and packages because most of them are deprecated or broken for whatever reason
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    Y...You mean the day job right? To be honest its more awkward dealing with a dev who's code base is his baby.
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    @jamescodesthing if you don't care about your code then you have no right to call yourself a dev
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    I'm in a similar situation except I'm the intern 😁😂
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    @mkdirLuci4 With you bruh.

    But most of the cleanest code in the world isn't actually in use.

    You have to find the right balance of fuckits.
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    @jamescodesthing don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fuckits- after the fact of fixing. I'm a maintainer and bug fixer, more so than the initial dev
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    @skynet you're a God damn AI trying to take over the world, but you tell yourself whatever you want to feel normal
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    Just don't place interns doing everything....
    Companies that use interns as cheap labor must hire a project leader /manager, else it will eventually get more expensive then hire experience programmers....
    Anyway, any company that uses interns as cheap /slave labor deserve all the shit that will happen latter on
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    Might be an unpopular opinion but why didn’t you use version control of some sort or have code review sessions with interns? Is it something your bosses don’t believe in or what? If that is the situation you should too quit soon
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