so recently i have been through memory management hell. maybe i should rethink about pointers and stuff.

long story short: i have done a calendar app using SDL2 and the program is written in C++. when rendering textures using fonts i referenced null pointers to the font.

i will implement events in the future and if you have any suggestions or some advice leave it in the comments, the feedback helps me a lot!

anyways you might give it a try (i am sorry about the makefile not working, i built the app on windows and needed to link against the folder where sdl is located): https://github.com/zetef/calviewer

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    Clean design! Looks like the glyphs could use some antialiasing though.
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    @FelisPhasma i actually use linear filtering, the equivalent of setting the render scale quality to 1 but it doesn't seems to work. but this is on my to do
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