So I've had a shoulder surgery to fix my problem always losing my left arm, I'm on a medical leave, so no work but i get payed, nice and dandy ... Yesterday my old colleague/friend calls me that he arranged an interview for me for a project ... Excuse me but wtf, I'm happy getting payed and not working 🤔

I vent to the interview, and all they want is to add Romanian and Hungarian translations to a site and mobile app they have, technically they don't even have access to the server or files to add the other languages.

Now explain that to a non tech guy.

We agreed that they get my answer when they have approval and access to the needed stuff 🤣

Edit: this also fits this weeks question

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    @rutee07 fractured first time, then dislocated 8 times ... So yes
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    @rutee07 got so used to having one hand that I can do most things one handed 😁
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    Chronicles of the Fapping Arm
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    Left hand - the important hand for fapping.

    Let it rest.
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    This shit can happen for real..
    Once or twice you get sth dislocated, your legiments get fucked up and one jerk can be enough to dislocate again..or if you are (un)lucky and are born with loose legiments, you can do this at will without prior injuries..
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