When you have over 10 years experience... and nothing to show for it due to closures, redesigns and private work.

It’s not making my job hunt any easier.

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    @redman im gonna steal this idea
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    @redman yeah, I’m going to make some “case studies” and quickly mock up an open source app to help
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    @redman Isn't this still a breach of NDA?!
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    I went through this problem recently as well. I'm currently building up a portfolio of projects to show to the next round of potential employers.

    I still have some of my old code from projects that don't have a public face. I plan on yanking pieces of the code out of the original context and re-purposing it just as a showcase.
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    I read this and couldn't remember writing it. Turns out I didn't. ☹

    Anyway, that screenshot idea is good; I might have to do that from now on. I sort of... copied my last project wholesale despite it breaking NDA. Because screw them. NDAs are evil, and that company was hell.

    But yeah. I barely have any work to show off besides that, and it's making my job search bloody impossible!
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    @PaladinRevenant Undead paladin? Poor thing.
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    Usually it's not a requirement to present past project other than talking about it.

    Just request a code challenge ahead, and pwn it.
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    I feel you
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