Every semester at my university I must grade my teachers with a poll of about 30 questions and 5 choices each with 1 question beign a negative one.
So I looked at the HTML and made a small JS script to fill out the poll with semi-random choices and adding the exception for that one particular question.

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    ooor you could help the guy out by filling it in with meaningfull answers.
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    I get that you don't want to fill it all up. But, rating is where you get to excercise your rights and that could make a difference.. just saying 😊
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    If only I had the opportunity to rate my teachers...
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    @PRein @mohamedghr
    I forgot to mention that this poll is NEVER taken seriously by the school. We have this teacher who is just plain horrible and doesn't even teach anything. I asked lots of students who had her (more than 50 I assure you) and everyone told me that they have answered negatively on that poll and yet NOTHING has been done. And this has been going on for years already. My class even reported her to the administration and nothing was accomplished.
    Sadly, that's how things are here in Mexico.
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    @jmhg92 so sorry to hear that man.. wish u get some better teachers next sem :)
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    I'm actually finished with classes and just have to do my residencies in order to earn my title, but thank you anyways! ^^
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    @jmhg92 all the best :)
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