Developers that prefer to play the asshole card because it is easier than going through the trouble of acting like a normal person and lose a chunk of their time.

I come across this more and more: if I have a conversation with a random stranger at an event, and we touch upon a new thing that neither one of us knows about or whatever, there is this sudden cut off when one stops the conversation and leaves, rather than staying and keep on exploring the subject and risk of saying something stupid.

Am I just in the wrong place talking to the wrong people?
Or is there some developer budget your time manual that I haven't heard about?

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    People are more and more afraid to have an opinion, sadly. Partly because, thanks to the internet, you often get a loud group of screaming morons every time you don't step on eggshells to avoid hurting anyone's feelings.
    They're afraid of being wrong, too, because it often leads to feelings of anger and exclusion.

    But you shouldn't give up, ever. There are still many good people out there, and if you lead by good example, they will follow you. Hopefully you'll even inspire some to lead as well.
    Look for new people if necessary, and above all, keep pushing for reason and thought.
    The world needs us.
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    It's not you, the other people re at fault. They get teached at school and never look around the corner. They will give you answers, which were read in books and not discovered by themselfs.

    Even I make decisions for my Boss, and I'm just a normal employee..
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