People on stackoverflow are really just the worst. Ok whatever, you have 20 years of experience more than me, and you've written code in dozens of languages. Doesn't grant you being a dick to me and downvote my answer just because it could've been written in 1 line instead of 5.

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    -- duplicate thread
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    Yep, it's probably one of the most toxic development 'communities'
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    Welcome to the world of People.
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    I think it is fine to downvote low quality answers. If you can't take criticism like a man then don't answer at all.
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    @norman70688 well also dont be a bitch when answering.
    Even if you are right and the other guy is wrong doesnt give you the right to act like a antisocial retard
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    I don't think Stack Overflow is toxic - at least not compared to some of the programming subreddits.

    However, unlike many similar forums it does have a very low tolerance for Help Vampires, which can be a shock to the system at first. It's intended to:

    * Encourage users to solve their own problems by thinking about them in the right way. They require that you describe your issue in detail because doing so often results in you solving it via rubber duck debugging. Even when it doesn't, it means other users don't have to prise the required information out of the questioner
    * Provide a resource that can be crawled by search engines

    It's very good at those, but if you go into it expecting it to be like other forums you're in for a rude awakening.
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    Often on stack overflow I see such scenarios:

    - Question, lets say:
    "How null coalescing operator works?"
    - few votes, nobody can find the question

    "What is double question mark (??) operator?"
    - initially heavly downvoted, marked as duplicate but you have no way of googling the first one becouse it dosent use proper keywords.. At the end of day has more upvotes than question it duplicates... hmmm intresting why?

    What the actuall fuck. The question isnt duplicate, one is asking what syntax "??" means, second asks what operator does.

    I am used to people trying hard to be dicks on stack overflow. But still, it's really usefull site...
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    @norman70688 okay, man. Please calm it down. Calling people snowflakes is basically just calling yourself rude.
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    I've moved away from stack overflow because of exactly this. I ponder why people are such fucks.
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