So at one point I worked for an online clothes store and their frontend developers were treated like the sun shined from their backsides, never a problem.
But the backend staff were treated like consumables, their PHP developer turnaround was insane, they'd come up bizarre reasons to let people go including one person who was fired because he argued with a director because how the director wanted their new feature to be programmed was simply broken.

Has anyone seen anything else like this?

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    and where did you fit in this hellscape?
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    @heyheni I was the PHP developer that dared to talk against a director because he was wrong.
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    Different companies, different cultures.

    Worked with many companies who believe UI doesn't matter. As long as you can enter/get info, that's all that matter. In those companies, front-end is considered to be worthless.
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    @platypus Yeah. Currently working there. But the UI is used by internal staff only. So I guess it's acceptable...?
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