Today my current company fuck itself.

We were in negotiations about the end of my contract/mission, I want to quit to create a company around AI.

And the actual chairman said to me "You think too highly of yourself. I could find a tenth of people to replace you so shut up and take what we offer".

30 minutes later they received my resignation. 1h after that, the 15 dev under me resigned (after two year working with us they are clearly under paid). At the end of the day, the Head of product and the two good PO resigned.

This morning I get an email, talking about suing me as I made everyone resigned and asking for a meeting.
So I went to the meeting with a lawyer, they weren't expecting it. Boring legal stuff came after that.

And the funny fact: at the end of the meeting the CIO, chief ops and the SRE resigned as well.... As they didn't want to have the run it without all the team...

Funny day :)

Last month the main product, 90% of the company use it, was launched. And in three months 80% if the IT profiles will be out...

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    Awesome 👏
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    Look who's thinking too highly of himself now.

    To you, on the other hand, I salute. Well done sticking to your words and keeping your cool when threatened with a lawsuit.
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    Have my salute!
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    In total, twenty one persons quit in two days? Wow.

    I wish you good luck for your future company!
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    This could be a case study of mismanagement causing a domino effect :)
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    legally speaking, can they even sue you? You did nothing to actively induce the other employees resignation. They resigned out of free will
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    @Mosesrocks probably not. It's scare tactics bullshit
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    Wow.. so wait was it the money or was it the job that you quit for?
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    Hehe fucking awesome
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    ahahah :-D good job!!! you do have quite faithful followers, it's not easy to achieve a mass resignation.

    And btw you mean there will be soon a "ghost application" around with people using it and nobody maintaining it?
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    I simply ALWAYS stick to my word. I'm an asshole, a very demanding one. But if you need help I will be there, and I NEVER lie to my teams! I expect a lot, but I give the same amount!

    @Mosesrocks: On French law, as well as US law they could, if I actively helped them to leave. But the only thing I did was help them to go from WordPress developer to nodes/python/go full stack developers. But in French law what they did, by email!!, is harassment! :)

    @deviloper : Exactly. And I made a really cool app in microservice, with server rendering n react and component in microservices :). Rest GraphQl DDD API (you only define the contract and data schema in JSON). And for the gateway, we have elixir with go. The whole terraform and kops... Cool stuff that underpaid merc will not be able to operate it.
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    Well that was news for a retarded management that was probably still into the "patron" style.

    Brilliant move with the lawyer, that blew even their last line of bullshit!
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    Dominoes' effect. :D
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    Keep us updated.
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    After reading Your previous rants this one is now obvious.
    Good luck pursuing Your dream.
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    That's awesome. Also, congrats on 666:
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    I read your story in the office, I read it again at every red light as I drove home. I'm reading it again, as I wait for my pizza to arrive and I will read it again while eating it. I'll probably jerk off to this story at some point. It is that fucking good of a story. OMG, the look on their stupid faces. Ooooh... I can only imagine.

    So fucking happy for you and your absolute win.
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    Fuck that company! I despise assholes like that.
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    @telephantasm lol great comment. I feel the same about this rant!
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    It reads like the millenials don’t want to face challenges anymore. We lost a good team member and there will be some tough times catching up? Fuck it. I can find a new job in one day.
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    @matste nah it rather sounds like they were fed up with asshole managers anyway and that was the last straw taking the biscuit.
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    @matste I'm not a team member, I'm the CTO.
    Before I arrived the team was composed of 4 people working in a small room, and mostly doing WordPress. They all feared to go back there. And once again they are underpaid.

    @SecFreak: we implement microservices. I just use RPC/message streams(NATS) to make them communicate.

    Follow-up: So they paid a company to audit the code. And the company asked me how I enforced the clean code practices and which tools I used to create the development/deployment pipeline. And the would like to have an explanation around the middlewares used to create the REST API and Apollo server implementation.
    And I happily responded that I can't help them without having the board command me to do it by email.
    Man, I'm gonna have so such a good time!!! And they haven't looked to the rest hook implementation or the asynchonours rpc workers....
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    I just had to read it twice it really made me feel happy tnx.
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    I want to print your post and hang it on my wall for inspiration.
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    Arrogance. U took so many ppl revenge bro. Love
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    Comeback is real! Like Ronnie Coleman said while he's working out. Yeah buddy! Light weight baby!

    @jotamontecino I love this story. Keep us updated! 👍
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    The company asked HR to inquire about the resignation with some people I worked on some committees, mostly civil engineers.
    People that weren't aware of the departure wave in 3 months.
    And 3 more people resigned this week saying in their letter stuff like: "We need a strong IT department as our digitalization strategy is the cornerstone of our business strategy for the years to come." and "
    I thought that we needed the digital factory for our need products. It was a big part of the strategy plan that made me stay this year. As obviously you had a change of heart, I'll be leaving as soon as possible".

    Reading them, they were sent to all top management, was really funny. As the reply chains, they created.
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    Monday I received a mail (paper) saying that I am prohibited to work inside development and production, as my main and only focus should be to leave clean documentation for my replacement. So I was kicked out of the GitHub repos and docker hub, my AWS access revoked, kicked out of the slack, etc. So basically I need to write the TADs. But I did it months ago so, I started an NLP formation :).

    I was obviously kicked out of all the committees I worked in, so no more meetings!!! Well, I still follow the stand-up meetings of the team but that's still pretty sweet.
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    And the best part of that is: I was also kicked out of the deployment committee since Monday!!! So.. Since Wednesday, shit it the fan, they have massives denial of services on the agencies. Yesterday I received a call from people on the committee asking my help and I told them I'll what I can do. So an hour later I ended an email to the board and the committee saying "I will need to have new writing directives from the board to act, as my lawyer strongly recommended to do nothing until then".
    The next board meeting is the 17th, so you add 4 days for the mail to arrive at my home... So I'll start working on it the 24th!!!
    Did I say that I'm still in the same open space as all IT teams? And that every day I have lunch the chief ops?

    Man, it's funny to be an asshole some times!!
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    That's awesome! Those bastards don't know that we are the ones in control, not their freshman business school tactics.

    I f*cking hate ppl like that. After all, why would you underpay someone wgo is MAKING you money. You wouldn't negotiate payment with a doctor about your health. So why would you with the people in charge of your financial health.
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    Wow love this story. 😂
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    If you need some help count on me. I want to put out some my coding skills and this funny because today I was doing some we Scrappy to collect jobs data since I'm unemployed hahahah
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    But I have to confess I'm happy to see that company burning to the ground. Of course this isn't right to feel that way, my previously company my boss is a huge asshole like yours. In 1 year of company 16 people leave already and no one customers.

    The investors want his head because they're not understanding why the company is that way.

    I feel you, is good see bad people getting screwed
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    I'm headed down that path myself. 👍👍👍👍👍👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻
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