Boss: I need to talk to you.
Me: Something wrong?
Boss: No, just need to talk.
(Not sure what to think)

Meet with boss, first thing he does is shake my hand and proceeds to tell me thank you for all the work you or in on the last project. On tomorrow in addition to your paycheck $1K after taxes will be deposited into your account.

#feeling very appreciated

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    amazing :) congrats! and good job for the hard work
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    Similar. Many years ago boss told me on Friday he wanted to speak to me on Monday. Spent all weekend in absolute dread of what was coming. Turns out it was a "thanks and well done". No money, but a nice touch.
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    Damn getting a bonus must feel great :D but tbh just a "nice work" here and then is just as awesome of a feeling :)
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    What did he smoke??
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    ** But i didnt participate in the last project... **
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