I think I nailed it.

I had an interview on Friday. Never had I ever such a good one. Everything went so smoothly I'm amazed to this moment.

It started pretty much normally. Few questions about me and my CV. Next some soft skills check and few minutes talking in English to make sure I know how to speak.

Next, two funny trick questions. I hope I'll translate them good enough.
1) You've got 6 cups in a row. Three of them, next to each other, are empty. Remaining 3 are full. You've got one movement to make them stand alternately, ie. Full, empty, etc. or Empty, full etc.
2) You've got yourself a cake. Normal, birthday cake in a shape of a cylinder. On three cuts, you have to cut it in 8 equal pieces.

Next was technical interview. The only thing I couldn't answer to was a formula to get angle between camera and two objects on the scene. Something about cos x.

They told me that I was the only recruitee to make project using Hololens SDK. Other people made the images gallery in 2D only.

Also they were VERY impressed that I managed to send them fix that changed a lot of the gallery in an hour. No one was expecting it so fast since the feature wasn't all that simple. Or so they said. Code was written so it wasn't hard to implement this change.

Now I've got to wait at least a week for their response. As you could imagine, I'm nervously checking my email each time I get any spam.

I'd like to thank @fire-phoenix and @Root that were responding to my last posts about this new work tasks and current hardships. I know it's a bit too early to celebrate but I'm just so hyped for how well everything went 😀

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    You nailed it, congrats :)
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    For the cake at the top of my head, I guess you do an X at the top of the cylinder, and for the last you turn the cylinder sideways and cut it in half?
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    @theuser That's exactly right :D
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    @Orek Thanks :D
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    1) 2 full cups, 3 empty, 1 full - the question doesn't mandate the order of the full cups, so you can place them as you like. Pour the contents of the 1st cup to the 4th one.

    2) Slice it horizontally, and then in a cross shape vertically.

    The thing with the angle is probably the cosine theorem. Or it could be simpler, if it's a right angle triangle.

    Ez, do I get the job now?

    Is there another interview after this one, or is this it?

    Congrats on nailing it, I know the feeling, it's amazing.
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    for the cups, take the full cup in the middle (of the full cups) and pour the contents into the empty cup in the middle (of the empty cups) and then put it back...all in one movement.
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    @Nanos Aaaaand the go my high spirits. Thanks mate 😐
    But yeah, you're right. I can't give my current employer resignation yet 😉
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    @JohanO That's it 😀
    @Quirinus Those questions were off the record. Just fun quizzes I remembered. And this meeting read the last one. Earlier I had a small talk about C# and Unity and had to make them a project.
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    the cake:

    I suppose they think I should cut it horizontally in the middle first, then vertically in 4 slices (like a cross) making a total of 8 "equal" pieces.

    But are the pieces equal?
    A "bottom-piece" of a "standard birthdaycake" would look quite different from a "top-piece" (having all the toppings)

    I would agree that they are equal _in size_ but that doesnt make them _equal_
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    Speed and effiency. U nailed it bro.
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