Hello, brilliant minds!

I am participating in a hackathon based on web development and I need to submit potential problem statements for the same. They have some predetermined domains, but I am unable to look for a suitable problem. The domains are:

1. eCommerce
2. eGovernance: Smart City
3. Fitness
4. Social Innovation
5. Tool/Library/Extension for devs
6. Travel
7. Women's safety

I will have 6 hours to code. Please suggest some of your best ideas. Thanks in advance!


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    I see the most potential in eGoverment as this field is ripe for disruption. Most goverments still operate like it's 1999.

    In the case of India, indian railways the shift to digitalization slashed ticket sales corruption. So do something that helps to prevent corruption.
    Or do a redesign of the indian railway website it's in my opinion one of the most ugly and frustrating websites i've ever used. 😆
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    @heyheni Holy crap, those blinken lights all over the page...
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    I heard going to police in india is also a very unpleasant thing to do as you have to pay the police officer in most cases a bribe. Ot he won't lift his but and investigates anything or worse he arests the victim. So you could invent some app that prevents this.
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    @possum yes but the best part is this website has office hours. You can't buy tickets at certain times. And It's often unreachable as millions of people trying to buy a ticket. You need a lot of patience if you're a foreigner without an adhaar id card to buy a ticket there. It takes at least 2 hours and 15 attempts to try to buy a ticket from outside of india. Until you realise you have to write an email to the customer service and asking for a special foreigner code. Which takes about an week until you get an answer. After that if your lucky it takes about 20minutes to buy a ticket. After the ticket sale they offer food delivery to the seat. I tried that twice and every time they forgot my food that i've had paid in advance.
    Don't get me wrong I like india but it's bureaucracy i do not.
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    @heyheni Wow, that sounds horrible (and I've never seen a website with office hours so far).
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    @heyheni Thinking about it reminds me of that joke/story (don't know how real it is) where someone's grandma thought she couldn't send her e-mail anymore on that day because it was already 6pm.
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    @possum good one :D
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    Mark areas with high criminal rate on map if you can find data.
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    6 hours.....

    That's ridiculously low.

    It's hard to achieve something in that tiny amount of time.

    Lookup if your city has Open Data / OSM information.

    In the part of Smart City you could do three things: Combine Map Data (OSM / Open Data) with information, provide an API for feeding additional information (current number of visitors) and then (if there's time) you could take this even further (opening times / appointments...)

    Thought of the typical stuff - where can I get a Passport, do I need an appointment to get one, if no - how many people are currently waiting?

    As OSM provides a large part of the information, you could focus on the small GUI / Rest API
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    @heyheni Thanks for the suggestion! I really like this idea!
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    @vane Good one. Thanks!
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    @IntrusionCM I know it's too low. But, my company is the one organising it, so... You know! Anyway, thanks for your input! I'll definitely see if my teammates would want to implement that.
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    @TheSlug did you find a topic? 🙂

    If not yet I found this site http://www.ipaidabribe.com where you could find ideas on how to curb corruption.
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