Im at an internship right now. It is 4h per day and I start at 8am(cause im at a course in the afternoon, that its already to finish in some days).
But my boss want to hire me full time(7:30am to 5pm) and asked if I want to do some course(in the afternoon period) before start full time. The thing is, Im at the company for only 3 months doing backend dev ( thats the ~objective of the internship). But my objective in life is DataScience, and the company is big AF. That job that I got cause an uncle that works there told my boss about me (before) so I got the internship.
It is ok to tell my boss that I want to do a DataScience course ( and maybe the company pay for it) knowing that will not be replicated at the company right now?

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    You can only ask, and at worse they can only say no.

    Some companies will surprise you and actually invest in someone to take up a role that doesn't exist yet.
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    I believe that iam going away from the currently road - of learning how is my current job. And for investment in a different area, does need time in the company correct? Like credit.

    Obs: In the beginning of the internship he told me that the company would be wiling to pay courses for me( I never asked for ).

    Maybe I should ask for courses in another time. But I can ask him as you said.
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    Yes be open, be honest, always.
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