Heyyy DevRant Fam! :D, hope everyone is doing very well today! i would love to get some input/advice from my fellow developer friends here today... so Milo has gotten himself into a sticky situation... So recently i had a little opportunity to get some mentor-ship or internship through a family friend, and im sooo excited but nervous at the same time.. i sometimes think to myself am i really 'good enough for such a position'?? but however since I've never really experienced this sort of work, whats their to lose? or is this a bad way too think about it? :D

so ladies and gents, I'm really interested in the stock market and that sort of finance, and i think id be a good fit to build tools for traders, if i cannot get into that sort of position, why not work back office and have more of a support role? I'm always very happy to work my way up as I'm highly motivated!, however in the case that i manage to get into such a position, I'd love to know, what sort of things do i need know to be able to land such a position? if you can give me any tips or advice id be extremely grateful! :D

If you have managed to get this far into my post, I'd love to say thank you so much! and i really apologize for rambling on... i generally always do that.... and also i want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read my question <3 really means a lot to me!

just quick note letting everyone know as a hobby project I'm building a little list app where i can save my favorite stock tickers/symbols into a list and see the price changes over time (through alphavantage's API) :D

Kind regards,
Milo <3 :-)

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