My team: gets fired

8 other colleagues: here’s our notice, we leavin

Love it, they’re left with 4 devs so good luck finding people who know how to work in your 20 year old legacy that every app in ur company is built on lul

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    the problem is that there are ALWAYS people in need of work and ready to do any kind of shit.

    So old legacy survive, without even evolving.
    I'd love to hear about companies destroyed because few developers left.

    But I wonder if it happens so often. Considering the high turnover of our profession, my impression is that companies rarely fail because they cannot replace developers.

    There is also something called "Bermuda plan": A way to finish a project is to invert Brooks' Law. This is the Bermuda plan, when 90% of the developers are removed ("send them to Bermuda") and the remaining 10% complete the software (Wikipedia)
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    I love that!
    A few years ago, I was part of a 3-head team in charge of the flagship project at the company: I, a colleague (NN), and my line manager.
    We had recently been bought by a giant "global technology group", and the new management was putting my line manager under pressure to deliver more and faster, and he passed all the heat on to me.
    NN had been on that project for 5 years and he was good friends with the line manager, so he basically got praise just for being there, even though he spent half the day in the kitchen.
    I, however, had moved to that project recently and was still in the process of understanding the most horrible code base ever (with literally zero documentation).
    One day, he just fired me. He said: "Sorry, I need to deliver, and you are not helping me deliver." What he didn't know: NN had already decided to go and quit on his own only one week later. So, all of the sudden, my line manager was all alone and still had to "deliver".
    He was fired a month later.
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    Honestly, use that. Make them an offer. Tell them they can re-hire you for quadruple of your old salary with half the hours. And margarita Fridays.
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    @cprn ++ for margarita fridays 🍹
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    @cprn @heyheni

    Come join us!
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    I don't want to rain on your parade. But they'll hire young inexperienced devs at a much lower rate of pay. You're merely a debit resource on some oik's laptop.
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    @acz0903 developers fired, developer leaving, line manager fired. I guess the project wasn't too useful after all
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    @bols59 It takes half a year before you get seriously productive, especially if the codebase is shit, in which case inexperienced devs will not get productive AT ALL. Instead, they will only make things worse in order to pretend productivity.
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    Ohhh. That's why recruiters ask for 20 years experience when requesting entry level devs
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah upper management who thinks "oh they're a dev, so they should know this" is absolute fucking annoying.

    At my place there are VBA Macros, WPF desktop apps, and Web apps. There are only 2 developers, we're about as productive as possible when we have to switch from different programs constantly.

    But you know, we can't apparently hire 2 more devs due to "cost" to help offset the load or anything.
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