Writing jest test cases for a MongoDB server app.

I noticed, inside the testEnvironment file, it uses ‘require’ instead of ‘import’.
I changed it to ‘import’...🤔
Somehow it pops out syntaxErrors.🤦‍♂️

In my actual .test.js file, I use import all the time, never had any issue.

The Babel transform and babel-jest are also in the right place.

Anyone know why?

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    Jest is killing people with OCD...
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    I don't know much about jest but I'd guess this environment file is ran by the test-runner directly, before your tests, in node. It isn't transpiled nor used in a transpiled form.

    Node doesn't know import.
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    @nitwhiz the situation is kind bizarre. The same file allows class and async function 😵
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    @sunfishcc doesn't node support this by default?

    Can't try it right now but https://node.green/ told me so.
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