Dear Devs,

after a bunch of years of exp I thought I would start to write a blog / write articles about dev-things. Small helper articles we all know :)

So 2 questions:

1) What is a good way to start it? Can anyone write for Medium.com? Or make your own website? Wordpress (never used wordpress before btw).

2) I think my english is too bad or a professional article about development - so I would write them in my native language (German) and want to have them translated by a native speaker. Where to find such people without paying a hugh amount each article?

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    to be honest, experienced devs need to write about best practices and not:
    1. Why I think React Native is the next big thing!
    2. Is AI right for me!
    3. I switched to dotnet core and never looked back

    They all show us bunch of small apps and research on their own hardware for performance and other tests, like please, who the hell tests one factor in one scenario and then say: Hey look! That's definitely the next big thing!

    I appreciate having blogs like:
    1. Lessons learned from following x approach.
    2. What is (for example) TDD and when is it best considered as an option

    My point is, we all face issues when writing code, we learn from our mistakes, I prefer something like this rant: https://devrant.com/rants/260590/...

    I still come back and read it from time to time.

    As for translation I will let chrome handle it and I'll figure out grammer myself, I don't think this will be a negative
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    @gitpush Amen.

    I'd love to read stuff from people who actually work at a real company, which exists more than 7 months, where a codebase is shit because growth get's out of hand, stories about accomplishing shit with php/java (welcome to the real world kids, enterprise doesn't happen on your kawaii node server) and especially stories about migrating a good 'ol 192639263 LoC codebase from 2012 into something new without just rewriting it.

    People doing this legacy shit (because they have to or want to) don't really blog, sadly.

    And fuck medium. This platform and it's authors suck so much ass, i hate these half assed just-for-this-one-scenario shit they do.
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    @gitpush Thank you :)

    I want to blog about the small things I do with allready given frameworks or ideas I have to make things better.

    The first article will be about a problem with GraphQL DotNet I saw, found a bunch of people at github who had the same problem and solved it with a good portion of reflection, structure and a design pattern. So I want to share, that other people can do the same.
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    @Wasseratem it would be amazing, and I suggest you use Medium, don't waste your time on which blog to use, focus on sharing experience :)
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    @nitwhiz I find it funny I recommended him Medium :P

    But yes back to your comment, I really hope to see content from people that you have mentioned, they are from those who have the real experience.

    I hate it now these days most seem like: Let's follow the trend! or those shiny new words.
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    If you have an own domain and server, I'd suggest you wordpress. For devs it might suck but for authors it's imho the best experience you can get.

    But if you have to go with something easy and free, please don't be _that_ medium author. This GraphQL .net thing is music to my ears btw.

    Now for the language i'd guess you could write it in german but maybe try to write in english, too, even bilingual if you can handle the work. Take it from a fellow German, es lesen zu wenig deutsche irgendwelche dev-blogs.(;
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    I won't go into what and how to write, the others here covered that pretty. As for where to write, I did a bunch of research into that when I started writing a few months back. And the answer is that it depends on what your motivations for writing are.

    I personally recommend Medium, and I have a few reasons for that. First one is maintainability. You don't have to think about hosting, domain, bug fixing and so on. You write an article, you publish it, and medium handles all the rest. Oh and their formatting is also really nice, and incredibly easy to use when writing.

    Most of the complaints about medium, are about how it's a freemium plarform. However it is up to the individual author, whether or not to monitise an article or not. And then there's the complaint that most articles suck, but again that depends on the author.

    Besides maintainability, there's also a point of whether you're writing for the sake of writing, or because you want people to read your articles. Medium has incredible SEO. It's a simple fact: if you host your blog yourself, you won't get anywhere near the amount of views you will get on medium.

    My second ever article was about setting up a secure server with docker. It got chosen by the editors on medium, and distributed in there topics. Personally I did very little to promote that article, yet I gained over 10k views in 3 days. That is just not going to happen on a self hosted site.

    So in the end, do you want the experience of setting up a server, hosting a blog, writing articles, marketing those articles, fixing bugs and so on; or do you just want to write some articles and see them flourish?
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    Go for it. If you find out it’s on the wrong platform, move the posts. Or collect them into a physical book on Amazon via their self publishing service. A few months ago I bought someone’s curated Tweets as a book.
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