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| Use flexbox or not? |

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    Of course ! Flexbox is really magic man, I use this every day ! :)
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    Some say it isn't ready for business use due to incompatibility in some browsers.
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    How about rounding up the website analytics (sure hope you have those) into a neat pie-graph of browsers/user-agents of the last N months? Then you'll probably have a better understanding what the traffic looks like. And base your decision on that. Also, http://caniuse.com/#search=flexbox is your friend here.
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    Not yet
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    Sure. Why not? It's fully implemented in all the major browsers.
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    @AndiLeni polyfill maybe?
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    the browser support is pretty good, go for it! saves you much effort!
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    Can't say I am very much for it, due to browser compatibility but I do see the advantages of using it :)

    I also do like to always go for bleeding edge when it's a new project so if you're not working on something for the masses and targeting the major last versions then use and abuse it.

    It was made to make our life easier and it's a very nice little implementation that solves many of our CSS nightmares.
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    Go for it. More we use it, more people will have to drop their stinky old browsers! :)
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    Like @knuppelsmurf stated, if you know which browser your users use mostly you can make an informed decision.

    I have sparingly used it due to compatability, had very funny results on Safari.
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