Has anyone ever faced problems with VS Code Git GUI and git in terminal?
I use the gui for some stuff and the terminal gets out of sync.
So it's like I have discarded changes from the gui and then WSL still says I have changes when changing branches, so I try to stash and it says there are no changes. It gets really frustrating.

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    I haven't had this problem, but I often have to hit the refresh button in the vs code git explorer view to sync it after doing command line stuff.
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    Maybe it's a problem with line endings?
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    The two don't stay in sync.
    Pick one and use it - the console is calling you 😉
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    Nope. But a lot of the time VSCode and VStudio might fail to synch their source control ops with the repository files.

    It’s why I usually always just use the CLI.

    It’s super handy to learn, and it allows you to do things the GUI doesn’t (like saving your ass thanks to the power of the reflog).
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