Do people actually like using vim?

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    Quite a few, yes.
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    I did apt purge them from both my Raspberry Pi and my VPS today.
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    you can now use vs code everywhere remotely
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    I wish there was a vim keybindings plugin for typseting in Adobe InDesign. Imagine layouting a magazine with vim. Flying through the copy text and putting in the correct typographic stops, interpunctation, word wraps and text styles in no time.
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    Yes, but only for editing text though. It's pretty bad at skiing and making julienne fries.
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    Not me for sure I can’t figure it out, it seems like it’s impossible to use without extensions
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    @serverconnected yes
    without this vimrc i'm unable to use vim.
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    The default config for vim is a bit awkward. It's very customizable though. After several hours of messing about with it, I started to enjoy it.
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    haha how to quit vim????????
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    Yes (although I use Neovim now).

    I utterly despised every IDE I have tried - Netbeans, PHPStorm, Eclipse, all of them. They're bloated pieces of crap that force you to use their solution for everything, won't handle other languages properly, and use up far too much screen space by default.

    I can run Neovim on a little netbook I own and that's what I do most of my personal development on. I can write PHP, Javascript, or Python and have good syntax highlighting and completion. Thanks to PHPActor I have access to some powerful refactoring tools, and FZF gives me an excellent fuzzy search. No IDE gives me all that, and if there's anything I suddenly realise would be useful I can install it with vim-plugged.
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    Vim is good at editing, but not brewing coffee and transpiling Scrath into MIPS assembly as Emacs does.
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    Pff... a talk about vim and no @FrodoSwaggins
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    I for sure fucking do.
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