I think I’m a bit unusual in that my favorite place to code is on the couch, just using my laptop. During the work day I use two monitors, but I find it more comfortable to just use a lap desk and laptop when I get home/on weekends. I’m not sure if it’s from laziness or whatever, but it seems to work.

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    Im more productive using two monitirs and a desk, no doubt.

    But when I'm home with my lappy on the couch, i find it more enjoyable 🛋

    Maybe its because i have significantly less distractions from the world when I'm at home
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    Maybe I'm over sensitive about this kind of stuff because I have ankylosing spondylitis, but I would be worried that as I got older, if I was working on a laptop on a couch for most of my life I would develop all the postural qualities and core strength of an old manky sock
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    @jimbobbles it’s all about the exercise you do outside of work
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    I'm also most comfortable with my laptop on my lap, even behind a desk; legs on desk and laptop on lap. Although I'm starting to find it not a very neck and back friendly practice.
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    I also just downgraded my workspace from monitor + laptop to laptop.

    For me it is just laziness and I figured that there are other equally efficient ways to work with a single display setup.
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    Oh hey @dfox haven't seen you in a while. Been missing ya.
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    I wouldn't live long enough to code anything without a keyboard and a proper chair nowadays, laptops and couches are the essence of the lowest comfort
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