Last week I did a test for a huge real estate company here in Dubai.

The test they asked to create a database of students and use jquery datatables so far is easy.

But they told you cannot use any framework and uses mvc structure, in other words, build your own framework. It's ok.

But my main concern is, the company is quite famous to not provide proper feedbacks or just forgot about you. And I would be very piss off if after of 3 entires days building my own framework, doing documentation, code comments those guys didn't reply me any feedback.

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    "Thanks for the free work, sucker!"
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    You're being scammed. Get out of there, or put a killcode in there.
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    I don't care because it's on my GitHub account and the framework has a lot leaks of security, dependencies injections and even more.

    I done a very simple framework just to attempt the task and nothing else.
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    @endor now you're saying that remembers me a company wants to me go there to do challenge locally and do customizations and leave from him as like "test"
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