Does anybody know of American manufactured computer hardware? If said American manufactured computer hardware comes in the form of a laptop that would be ideal. I've looked but can't find anything...

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    Everything is China.

    Unless oh mean assembled in USA, but all the components would still be chinese.
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    Like @C0D4 said, there is no mean to mass produce computer components in the U.S. of A.
    Apple recently had trouvle doing so thanks to their proprietary screws (which makes me quite happy, to be honest).
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    Yes but they are not from this millennium
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    No, because they build Linux-Laptops with Nvidia-GPUs.
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    @M1sf3t it's not, unless you're using Linux where nvidia don't offer any drivers that actually work 😂
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    Nvidia provides only proprietary Linux drivers, which can lead to a number of problems, like..
    - No community-support for kernel-issues by the community, because no one knows, what that module does inside the kernel
    - shitty performance, especially in stuff like Wine,Steam proton...
    - No Wayland-compatibility
    - no integration into the kernel
    - can be hard to make them work, without a premade package
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    @metamourge The poor performance of the proprietary driver isn't that poor, Wayland should work with gnome (whyever a display / window manager is responsible for hardware support...) now.
    But I agree, even the pre made packages do not work sometimes.
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    @irene I live in America and don't want backdoored chips on the boards
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    @peaduaw do you think Americans are incapable of adding backdoors or what?
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    @electrineer I was hoping for something along the lines of adafruit except for a full motherboard. I mean ya of course the NSA is going to strong arm companies to put backdoors, just trying to take steps in the right direction lol.
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