TLDR; windows sucks donkey balls

Sometime ago I started to get battery issues on my laptop using windows. Even with 100% charge it would soon display 0% when unplugged.

A few months back I switched to linux on my laptop and on my desk station. And to my surprise, battery issues dissapeared while using linux (manjaro i3). Anybody had that same problem?

Anyway I dual boot win 10 and linux just in case I'd need windows, and this week I noticed my root parition didn't have any space left.

For the next few hours I'm in a car so I thought hey great time to reinstall linux with a bigger root partition. I already had reinstalled windows, and with all the bloat removed, I could shrink my windows partition to make more space for linux.

Now all I need to do is prepare a usb stick with the manjaro iso. I could do that in linux, but since reinstalling windows killed my grub bootloader I couldn't boot up manjaro.

Right, so in windows I go and want to create this bootable EFI usb stick from the manjaro iso. Now the battery issue kicks in again, stating 0%. But with luck, the usb creation finished without my machine dying. Now I just need to restart my laptop and boot from the usb and .... Crap. my Laptop doesn't boot up anymore

Now i need to wait for a plug to be able to power it up again. Once I boot from the usb I'm sure I could use the laptop some more hours until the battery is actually dead. Fuck windows

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    if your laptop refuses to boot due to a dead battery, are you sure WINDOWS is the problem there?
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    @kescherRant Yes....probably, when ten minutes ago it was fully charged. Maybe windows hibernation or stm could be the culprit.
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    @Ederbit Newsflash, that's a hardware issue. Windows can't have anything to do with that.
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    @kescherRant Definetly not, i just confirmed by plugging in power booting up the manjaro usb and unplugging. Battery is at 78%. Now I can reboot without problem. It's fine if you don't believe me though.
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    I believe you
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