So... remember my first rants about my network at my last ship?
Well... I had to visit them for an unrelated matter and found out that they are to pass general inspection the next week. Among the inspectors is a member of the cyber defence team. I took a quick look at the network, finding the things I'd expect:
- No updates passed to the server or installed since I left
- No antivirus updates since I left
- All certificates were expired
- Most services were shut down or unused
- All security policies were shut down
- Passwords (without expiration now) were written on post-it and stuck on screens
- ... and more!
I told the XO (the same idiot that complained about them CONSTANTLY) and he just shrugged me off and told me to """fix""" it. In one fucking afternoon.
The new admin there is a low ranking person who hasn't the faintest idea of how this works, and isn't willing to learn, either. They just dumped the duty on him, and he seems not to care. The cyber security inspector is going to have a field day. Or get grey hairs.
I told the XO that I needed at least a week to get them into working order (I have to re-set up my virtual Windows 2012 R2 server, download 2 years' worth of updates, repair 2 years of neglect etc.). The answer was what I expected:
"You know computers, you can do your magic and get it done in an afternoon."
Thank god I got transferred and don't have to answer to that idiot any more. Now, popcorn time, as I watch the fireworks.
Yes, I am a vengeful guy. I have told them, twice now, of what would happen. They didn't listen. At least now, with an official report on their heads, they just might.

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