Can we just give a round of applause to the brilliant recruiters that decided to add Microsoft Word as a requirement.

You know...to weed out all the computer illiterate software engineers......

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    I‘ve seen very able people make horrible word documents though
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    This is just to weed out Linux folks with anti-social disorders, but without running risk of getting sued for discrimination of disabled people.
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    Isn't libre office basically the same shit?

    Also who uses anything but plaintext?
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    @YADU Libre Office is decades behind despite its head start. Nobody uses LO in a professional setting. Just like nobody uses GIMP for professional graphic design. Though both are fine for home use.

    Also, you won't get away doing official documents as plain text or markdown. People just won't accept that we have machines with GHz speed, and documents still look like some 1960s mechanic typewriter stuff.

    Though that's not as much an issue in companies that don't have any documentation to begin with. ;-)
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    I use GIMP for home use too lol. I guess im a walking stereotype.
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    Well it's better than:

    You need 5 years of experience

    ... with a 2 years old technology
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    @TangChr reasonable requirement for time machine dev.
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