Facebook breaking production environment a lot recently. I've got a bad feeling about whatever they're doing.

It feels like a they're covering up some shit.

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    I mean for real I've never encountered a company with so many fuckups it's getting more sad than funny at this point
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    What else would you expect from a company that was even proud of lacking any professional software development?

    "Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough."
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    The fact that it's already 9+ hrs and still no fix deployed makes me wonder what their engineers are getting paid to do??
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    @rutee07 a cloud flare and Facebook dev.

    Man how you holding multiple jobs 😅
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    Modern software development philosophy at work.
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    I predict some people responsible for deployment quit cause they were tired of managing loads on shitty infrastructure.

    Checking glassdoor to see if I’m right ....

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    I'm pretty sure they hire a lot of PHP developers, which are generally the lowest class of developer and get paid accordingly.
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