Continuation from last rant
Yay I got my first internship as a software-engineer!
Now the story how I got it.
For my bachelor’s degree I need to get a internship, after searching companies in and around my area I found a company that focusses on app development. I’ve got some experience in that, And really enjoyed it. Well I figured why not apply there right. After not hearing anything about it for a week I gave up hope until I got called by an unknown caller.
They saw my e-mail and wanted to talk with me. So Super excited we made an appointment for today. Not knowing what to expect I came there about 10 minutes early searching for a receptionist or something. But they didn’t have one… then I just asked a random employee. He offered me a coffee and I waited a while. Until one of the senior developers brought me to the big boss of the company and the interview begun.

First they asked my about myself and what I do besides my study, once they had a good idea who I am they explained a bit about their products and how they developed them. Then the scary part started… They wanted to see my skills, And I hadn’t done anything with apps in a year. I showed them some code I wrote a year ago hoping it wasn’t as bad as I thought. So while feeling super uneasy about that they asked me on what skill level I thought I was. I told them I’d manage myself after a summer focusing on app development and they accepted me as a future intern.
Next week I get shown around the code base. And I start after the summer break.
Updates come when something interesting happens :D

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