Thinking to start business
Vegetables at door step.

I have 100+ farmers in contact. Who can provide vegetables daily.

What is your view/suggestion on it.

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    What's your unique selling point?
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    We have a couple different services like that here in Denmark as well. If you can find a way to distinguish yourself from all the other companies they seem pretty successful
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    We have a least one like that in Australia
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    My target area is 2nd tier city from India,
    Population more than 0.2 million

    Zero competition in online market.
    It is not unique idea at all.

    Customer have to order vegetables 3day before, every day orders will collect and transfer to farmers. Farmers will have 1day time to collect veg.

    2nd day till night veg will arrive.
    In night quality check and packing

    On 3rd day delivery.
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    @C0D4 in my area yes (Flinders ranges south Australia)
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    @terraria99 ah, I'm a VIC / NSW guy.
    I haven't been back to SA in ~30 years.
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    Do it
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    Congratulations on the idea of taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

    Some questions that i feel you'd need to think about.

    1. Operations heavy business. Who is going to do that?
    2. Tech is just an enabler. This is already a solved problem. People still do eat veg currently. This will require habit formation. How would you do that?
    3. Your competition is the local veg vendor. How will you take away his market. With his/her deep connects and personal equation.
    4. People are not actively looking for a product like this. What is your go to market plan? Who is your customer?
    5. Since it is operations heavy B2C business, it will require a lot of initial investment. If you're planning to raise capital routed through VC funds you'd need to think on a lot of other things- how will it be a billion dollar business. How will you earn money? Exit strategy etc.

    Not discouraging u. Its just that these questions need to be answered. For that you need to deep dive deeper into unknown waters.

    Good luck
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    @import-fun If you want someone to order vegetables 3 days before, lack of online competition alone is not going to be enough. Nobody wants to wait that long.
    You need to provide some sort of incentive like less than market prices or advertising as a premium healthy product (will be difficult without some heavy marketing).
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    Hey man thanks for giving such nice view.

    Answer of question.
    1. A team which is working for big retailers. They collect veg from farmers and provide to big retail store. They have experience of more than 10years. In this operation management.
    2. Marketing plan is door to door marketing to 5 house wife of each building/apartment.since our price will lower than local vender. It is plus point for us.

    3. In local area we get lev 3 n 4 quality vegetables. We are going to provide lev 1 quality in same price.
    5. It will required $10000 at initial stage.
    I can arrange that much by myself.
    Because storage house will be in my uncle's farm house. Which is 10km away from main city.

    I am not targeting billion dollor company.
    I just want to help farmer and normal consumer and earn little bit commition in between 2 nodes.
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    Yes I am going to provide 3 hours delivery to customer but I will clearly mention that this vegetables are 3-4 days old.
    If you want fresh 1day old veg then3 day delivery option.

    Since I am going to provide level 1 veg , that is our key point
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    Ah this sounds promising. Keep us posted.
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    You should also consider the possibility of allowing users to make some sort of weekly schedule.
    Eg: I want a bunch of fresh (1-day) tomatoes, onions, and lettuce delivered every monday, without having to make a new order every time.

    Basically you can have both one-time orders (like a common online shop), as well as 'subscription' orders, which maybe offer a small discount to entice people.
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    @import-fun Sounds good. As per me you'd need to work more on your marketing strategy. Door to door don't work very well, with poor recall.

    Also be very clear on the launch City. With right data to back up your assumptions. Good luck
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    @gymmerDeveloper ok
    I will start survey from next month since currently my cafe is in initial stage so can't invest time in this startup but I think you are pretty good in such thinks. Can I contact you. If possible help me to create statorgy for this startup
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    @import-fun sure hit me on discord
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    As I told before in comment storage house is near from my city. So I will hire one mini tempo, it will travel in a city 4 times
    Early morning late morning
    Early evening late evening

    But obviously at a time of registration, customer have to mention comfortable delivery time.

    Yes quality checking unit is main issue here
    Second issue is how I can manage remaining veggies
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    In switzerland there are different providers.

    There is one, where you order online what you want and they'll deliver it the next day (I think ordering until 15.00 or something), but they're kind of expensive

    There are multiple where you just get a box delivered ever 1/2/3/4 weeks. Usually you can coose between 2kg/5kg/10kg boxes and you'll just get whatever is in season. If there's not enough, they'll usually put in some homemade sauce or something. Usually they are supplied by just a few farms. Some deliver by car to the city and the surrounding areas (like in the night, when they anyway go to deliver to the market), some deliver just in big cities, by bikecourier and then there are also some who deliver their box by mail (same day delivery) and supply all of switzerland.

    If you'd like to add an unique selling point/position, you could add something like what hello fresh is doing by also providing a recipie with every delovery as an idea what to make with it.

    I would suggest to start with the "simpler" option to just deliver boxes of seasonal products to test the waters and once that get's going and you have some employees to take care of shit, start with the individual orders, as they will be a lot more work!
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