Story time. My first story ever on devRant.

To my ex-company that I bear for a long time... I joined my ex-company 3 years ago. My ex-company assigned me and one girl teammate to start working on a brand new big web project (big one - two members - really?)

My teammate quitted later, I have to work alone after then. I asked if someone can join this project, but manager said other people are busy. Yea, they are fucking busy reading MANGA shit everyday... Oops, I saw it because whenever I about to leave my damn chair, they begin chanting some hotkey magic and begin doing "poker face" like "I'm doing some serious shit right here".. FUCK MY CO-WORKERS!

My manager didn't know shit about software development, and keep barking about Agile, Waterfall and AI shit... He didn't even fucking know what this project should look like, he keep searching the internet for similar functions and gave me screenshots, or sometimes they even hold a meeting of a bunch of random non-related guys who even not working on the project, to discuss about requirements, which last for endless hours... FUCK MY MANAGER!

I was the one in charge for everything. I design the architecture, database, then I fucking implement my own designed architect myself, and I fucking test functions that I fucking implemented myself based on my fucking design. I was so tried, I don't know what the fuck I am working on. Requirement changes everyday. My beautiful architecture began to falling off. I was so tired and began use hack fixes here and there many places in the project. I knew it's bad, but I just don't have time to carefully reconsider it. My test case began becoming useless as requirements changed. My manager's boss push him to finish this project. He began to test, he start complaining about bug here and there, blaming me about why functions are broken, and why it not work as he expected (which he didn't even tell my how he expected). ... I'm not junior developer, but this one-man project is so overwhelmed for me... FUCK MY JOB!

At this time, I have already work this project for almost 2.5 years. I felt very upset. I also feel disappointed about myself, although I know that is not all my entire faults. The feeling that you was given a job, but you can not get it done, I feel like a fucking LOSER. I really wanted to quit and run away from this shithole. But on the other hand I also want to finish this project before I quit. My mind mixed. I'm a hard-worker. I keep pushing myself, but the workplace is so toxic, I can feel it eating up my motivation everyday. I start questioning myself: "Is the job I am doing important?", "If this is really important project, didn't they should assign more members?", I feel so lonely at work... MY MIND IS FUCKED UP!

Finally, after a couple months of stress. I made up my mind that no way this project is gonna end within my lifespan. I decide to quit. Although my contract pointed that I only need to tell one month in advance. I gave my manager 3 months to find new members for project. I did handle over what I know, documents, and my fucked up ultra complexity source code with many small sub-systems which I did all by myself.

Well, I am with a new employer right now. They are good company. At least, my new manager do know how to manage things. My co-workers are energy and hard-working. I am put to fight on the frontline as usual (because of my "Senior position"). But I can feel my team, they got my back. My loneliness is now gone. Job is still hard, but I know for sure that I'm doing things on purpose, I am doing something useful. And to me that is the greatest rewards and keep me motivative! From now, will be the beginning for first page of my new story...

Thanks for reading ...

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    Cool story;)
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    Best of luck dude, but can you tell me more what do you mean with a very complicated project, what are the subsystems etc...
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    Just my story.. except I'm still stuck here
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    I'm unable to understand why you stayed the extra two months.
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    A team is really important. I remember joining a team for the first time, and being amazed that I don't need to fight my way through every problem myself
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    @Mba3gar Can't tell details. But it was a Japanese real estate system with 3 different sub-systems. One for users who searching for properties, one for real estate companies who manage their own properties. And last one, for admin. I put each of them into Docker containers. Run them on AWS. It scales itself when load is high.

    There also is an old legacy system, which some users still using. I got to create another sub-system to take care of real-time data migration. My ex-company also wanted to output the magazine based on properties data on the system. So I have to make another web-app and integrate with Adobe Indesign to get this job done.

    Not really complicated. But manage the whole of those, and still working new functions are keeping me overload all the time.
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    @Coffe2Code I feel you. I'm tired of this one-man hero show. Wish you best of luck bro.
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    great story, It's a shame for us that you changed for a better job...
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    @cst1992 Maybe ... because I felt guilty of abandoning my own project. I never did it before. I really hoped this project will go somewhere. I wanted to pass down what I know, how did I get so far to new members who maybe better than me in showing my manager the right/wrong and bring this project to success. There were actually two new members assigned on project within this extra 2 months.

    After all, I think that I have done it because of myself. It did make me feel a little bit better.
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    @hubiruchi That's right, man. One-man show is really a pain in the ass for long term project.
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    Been in a similar situation and reading it felt like replaying my experience too. The feeling of joining a team that actually understands you is a massive win in itself.
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