How do people feel about including bugs and how'd you fix them in a job app/email? I have a couple companies that are super interesting to me but their public facing sites have a few layout issues (for example, the footer is squished into one column on mobile). I can definitely see how it would come off as arrogant, especially if it's a cold contact.


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    You would basically say "You did a bad job and I'm the guy who knows how to do it well".

    How would you feel if you received a mail like that from a stranger?
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    You would be better off and just holding off on that to see if you get an interview. And if you do, casually work it into the interview to show them that you did your research. If they decline to interview you, you could always mention it then. That again, would show them you did your research.

    But I agree with @dmonkey, don't include in your initial contact with them.
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    @dmonkey I mean I'm a little more civil than that lol. And I've had people message me about games I've published (for free) that have bugs in it. Assuming it's an actual bug I'm fairly happy to receive feedback, even if I'm not going to actually fix it.
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    @codemonkey1870 that's what I was thinking. I've applied through their site a couple times and never hearing anything back.
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    @ChaoticGoods I didn't mean what it would be written on the letter, but what they would have read.

    But actually @codemonkey1870 is almost right... You should just be careful to which company are you dealing with.
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