I'm working on an open source openvpn client for linux with a gtk gui and some cool features i have in mind. I wrote most of it's daemon and now i'm going for the gui. But,... the problem is..., i'm not a ui dev, so every ui i make is awful. I feel like i'm either stuck or have to choose one of my bad ui designs. what do you think i should do? how can i get some help?

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    @Charon92 Haha. That's a pretty good idea.
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    Have you ever heard a Linux user complain that an app has an ugly UI?

    Slap something together and ship it. If it's got legs, someone will eventually clean it up.
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    As long as it has a good CLI interface, no one is going to give a shit. I've opened up god awful UI's and went for the CLI and they had an even shittier CLI implementation.

    Besides, i think i remember reading somewhere that over 50% of linux is ran headless/without a GUI, so there you go.
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    @platypus Good point. I hadn't thought about it.
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