Since everyone seems to be talking about getting places late, here's my not-so-significant story about my most recent interview.

So I was told that GPS probably wouldn't work. But the instructions that I got were not specific enough to guide me - something I learned only once I arrived in the general area that I was supposed to be in.

Ended up going one street too far and talking to the wrong front desk. They kindly gave me instructions to get to my destination.

These instructions were also wrong. They left out one step and viola, I'm at the gate of the sheriff dog training facility.

Turn 'er around and finally get on the correct road. My 20 minutes early turned into 10 minutes late, just like that.

They were understanding and I got the job.

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    Then put the business on OSM and navigation will work.
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    my friend find his first job in a similar way, he missed the address he was supposed to go for the interview by one street and he told them, hes here for the interview, they were looking at him strangely but they interviewed him and he got the job... he got home and got an angry email from the place he supposed to go to saying "because not showing up today, consider our offer irrelevant at this point, thank you"
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    @webdev LOL, am I reading this right? He got a job at the wrong place?
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    @AlgoRythm hahah exactly
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    @webdev That is wild
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