I finally perfected a script that helps me fix my procrastination! It hooks into DNS's log and spies on my and blocks me if i get too addicted!
No joke I spent on it likely cumulatively over 48 hours of pure coding time but it was worth it.

If anyone would like to take a look or criticize my coding, here it is: https://github.com/meowxiik/...

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    How many days/weeks/months was the 48 hours over and how much procrastinating was involved?
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    @cmarshall10450 The 48hours were several weeks! In the beginning procrastination was still a problem but when the script got better at restricting me I got better at improving it.

    But it wasn't working the past two days and I watched the entire season of Lucifer and now I have netflix addiction withdrawal ffs
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    @meowxiik Does it use "AI" to determine procrastination and then block you from it to steer you in the right direction? I see it uses a lot of if/else statements so it must.
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    @cmarshall10450 Nah, my Netflix addicted self would have no chance to pull that off.

    It is very simple, actually. It just tracks the time I spent somewhere and blocks it if it reaches the limit.

    It is not very revolutionary, except I do it on DNS level, not on device level.
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    @meowxiik I looked at your code before I made my last comment. It looks a lot more complex, in terms of what it takes into account, than a lot of AIs than I've seen. A big example is the Inspirobot wellness ai. An AI designed to generate inspirational quotes from text and images. What it actually does is just decrecemt a counter each time you click next. It markets itself as an ai


    And its coffeescript!
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    and what did you procrastinate by writing the script? ;)
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    Nice work! I'd like to contribute to the code arch later on, and add functionality during my spare time 🔥. Few notes though; Your commit messages are not there yet, it(code) could be a bit more DRY too. Great work 🔥
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    @odusanya @cmarshall10450 Sorry for the Git history, I'm still learning with Git so you see stuff like empty commits and whatnot, it's a mess.

    But I'm glad you like it!
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