So I'm about to apply to a dev job and I don't know how this is going to go over. It seems everywhere I go they want years and years of professional experience I just dont have, being a junior dev and all, but I think I found a company I can get behind. Are there any tips you guys and gals have for me for resume highlights? Possibly questions for my employer, as its one thing that always confused me, they always ask if you have questions and I feel like I'm missing something until I ask but they never seem impressed by my questions.

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    @M1sf3t thanks for the advice.
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    On our company when we do technical interviews, we try to not focus on the experience of the developer, we want to see the knowledge of the tools and concepts, we ussually ask about programming languages, operative systems, data bases, algorithms, data structures and we dont expect to everyone to know everything, we just want to see how much they know and how much they like to go deep and understand how things works, I have enjoyed interviews of JR developers more than some interviews with seniors, just show how much you love what you do and that you enjoy understanding things and learning, if they know what they are doing they will appreciate more if you can learn and perform with few experience than if you have experience but dont want to learn how things really work
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    Just my 2 pence, when I hire I'm mostly looking for someone with a passion for coding over experience, or qualifications. If they have the passion they will almost teach themselves and will want to work hard but without you having to force it upon them.

    Experience can be learned the hard way as can any technology you require, and although qualifications are important as a measure never underestimate someone who is self tought. The return of effort they will give you is far better.
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