Neat: MongoDB. Fairly easy to use, intuitive-ish JSON API. Thinking about using it on a project. Excitement.

Neater: Data validation. You can have it drop writes that don't match a schema. Excitement intensifies.

Braindead: It absolutely will not tell you exactly *why* the write doesn't meet the schema, leaving you to figure that out on your own, smart guy. Mongo smugly crosses its arms and tells you to go back and do it right without actually telling you what the problem is.

Fucking braindead: This has been an open feature request since year of our lord two-thousand-and-fucking-fifteen. https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/...

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    So essentially it doesn't do automatic validation because to figure out what went wrong you need to manually validate it anyways.

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    Sounds like you need a schema there mate..
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    I like the syntax, but I have yet to work on a project where nosql made sense. Even for semistructured data I still have typed models which map to the mongodb data, and I still have relations I want to join because the alternative is giant duplicated documents.

    If an entity can have arbitrary data, I'd rather toss it in a relational table with a json column.

    I haven't tried graph dbs yet. Currently I'm using mongo with graphql on top which works fine but costs me a ton of setup and maintenance. Surely there's a middle ground somewhere.
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    Use CosmosDB
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    @NoToJavaScript Looks like Azure's answer to DynamoDB. It's neat, but I'd rather have something I could run on my own servers. Using cloud services for hobby projects always worries me that I'll do something wrong and rack up a huge bill.
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    @Karunamon For hobby projects I agree. I still have old VM running server 2008r2 lol. Just for some (old also) hobby/personal projects. In case I want to add something/revisit it.
    One of them is a just brain dead app : Right click on downloaded tv show. “Find subtitles” option added for all .mkv. It will try : First addic7ed (Using my own login and shit!), trying to match scene release name also. If nothing, last chance OpenSubtitles.
    But for the past year : Just take “good” 1080p release and you’ll have subtitles.
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    Fixed as of October 2020. Jeez...
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