note: Not the worst dev I've interviewed but worst I've worked with.
A guy who worked in my company before me "HARDCODED" the entire calendar for next 10 years starting 2016 in dictionaries and arrays in Python for a project.

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    Someone did it to me. With SQL. Every single week. As a damn table.
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    Whooo - triangles and squares. Every fuken time, people try to reinvent the wheel.
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    @mt3o enrages me to death, thinking about it.
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    You just have to respect this guy. 😂😂
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    No shit, cannot believe you, and even if I would, wanna think he generated all that with some tool he made to automate the generation.

    Holly shit, cannot tell if should be angry or have the ultimate respect for that guy
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    Whoo man
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    I feel sorry for the person who had to review the pull request to check every single data to make sure there wasn't one missing or duplicated.

    Oh wait.... if its in the code there probably wasn't a review. Or a pull request for that matter. Maybe no version control full stop.
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    There's a commitstrip for that...
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    @magicMirror @suprano I had to. The guy mentored me before leaving the company. Told this to me on his last day 😂
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    @stonyark 😂😂☠️☠️ he set a great example for you to follow. What do you plan on hard coding? 🤔
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    At least for Guinness's world record
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    Too much hardcoded to be true
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