You know, I've been fired from my first two jobs, currently on my third. I thought it was stressful enough to look for work when you absolutely need it to keep up your income.
But now I realize that it can be just as hard to look for new work when you are unhappy in your current position. Even if your skills are highly valued.
I've tried having two offers and accepting the one that felt right. Turned out bad in the end.
I've tried getting really excited about the first thing that fell in my lap and just jumping in to it. Did not go well either, as it turns out.
So now, even though I technically have all the time in the world to find the right place, I am second guessing myself constantly.
Should I go for something I'm not sure about because it pays well? - I really need the money, actually.
Or should I tough it out if I find 'The Perfect Place', but they can't pay me what I need?
And a lot of things also make me want to stay and try to fix the situation at my current job.
It's exhausting -_-

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    Is your unhappiness in your current role something you can fix?
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    @AlmondSauce That's the thing... I'm not sure.
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    @pleuph Find out what it stems from: you or them.
    If it's you doing the wrong job, doing the job too slowly, or something else, make changes to prevent that.
    If it's something out of your control such as commute, bad company culture, HR, then best to leave and go elsewhere. Sometimes it's also salary that's not in your control.
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    @cst1992 It is in no way my problem. But it's a small company where everybody has some influence, so I do cling a bit to the hope that my concerns will be acted upon. But I do fear that it's hopeless.
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    @stupidchromedev Everbody's struggle is different. I am lucky in some ways and in other, not so much.
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    @pleuph Then plan to leave.
    Nobody should be working in a place where they have no hope of change.
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    @cst1992 I'm working on it :-)
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