I'm looking for a new job.
If anyone is hiring remotely or knows of somewhere that is, could you please let me know? 😊

(I'll be looking locally as well.)

• Ruby+Rails
• Node
• Postgres/etc.
• React
• Angular 1.x
• Sass/Less
• MaterialUI, Susy

Timezone: GMT-7

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    I wish I could work remotely, but I never got the luck of this, I feel it is better than working in an office with humans around.

    Good luck on your job hunt :)
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    I think we are hiring, but not remotely. You'd have to come to Portugal.

    I thing @plusgut was hiring. Don't know if it was remote.
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    @shellbug thanks for thinking about me, but sadly remote doesn't work for me.
    I need to have people next to me, for at least half the work time. In my opinion that's necessary for good communication.
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    @shellbug @plusgut if I may ask, if you are hiring what do you look for in a candidate? What skills and knowledge?
    Not that which languages he knows, but if you want language x and a candidate knows it, what do you ask the candidate?

    Here they ask for an app on the store as a proof, but what do you guys ask for?
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    @gitpush I actually just want to see if the candidate is motivated and knows the basics.

    I start asking what the background of the candidate is and learn what he/she has done. After that I'll check if the candidate knows some basic traps javascript gives you.
    That's basically it.
    If you want to have more detail, we can discuss that privately.
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    @plusgut Asking for a dev to work in NFC mode is like asking a bird to walk... its possible, but really weird, isnt'it ?
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    @zazapeta I disagree. The best teammates I had were always in the same office as I was. This way we could plan and communicate way better, than remotely.
    The worst experiences I had, were always remote workers.

    This doesn't mean that they were not competent, it just means that communication works best (in my experience) locally.
    VoIP and Ticketsystems are great, but that's just an enhancement. To talk to people face to face works best for me.
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    @plusgut thanks man, what I'd like to know is interview questions, I'm fine in the local market but I'm afraid that I miss something if I change location, don't know what to expect and if I can do it or no :/
    I'd appreciate if we can talk privately if it's ok as I'm asking questions and not actually doing an interview 😅
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    @Root We are hiring, but sadly for you only locally/within the country (UTC+1).

    @plusgut I also made the better experience with in-house people. It is much easier to communicate, show and discuss stuff.
    During some weeks I work at home on projects and that only works well because it's mostly only me working on it.
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    @plusgut thanks man, I'll email you tonight 😀
    I'm +2GMT
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    @gitpush I'm not hiring myself, my company is. So I don't know... 😅 maybe I'd ask for their github profile or something with code they could show me and go from there.
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    @gitpush sure :) I'm happy to help.
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    @shellbug hmm... So you care about seeing code more than a working app. Do you ask language features questions or problem solving questions?
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    @gitpush yes, I think good code is better than working apps. On the long term at least.
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    @shellbug I see, better work on my GitHub lol, haven't touched it for a long time :/
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    We're hiring but you may have to come in locally at times. I work remotely 3 days a week.
    We aren't using the languages you're searching for unfortunately. We use C# .NET and it's central time lol. Good luck though!
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    Am I the one that would rather have to show at work than working remotely? I mean, that way I have to force myself out of the house and into work. On the other hand, if I was working remotely I would probably be lazier and wouldn't be as productive.
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    @whatevel I can actually be more productive at home, since I have less distractions there.
    But I agree that it doesn't work without motivation.
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    Based on the comments having a job offers section may be a good idea in devrant.
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    @shellbug yeah, the problem isn't the motivation, the fact I get easily distracted.
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    @cuervo what part of the world?
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    @FrodoSwaggins Absolutely!

    @NoMad Thanks! 😊

    @Bitwise Working remotely tends to makes me more reclusive, but I'm at least as productive at home as in the office -- usually moreso.
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    @Bitwise not all tasks are team driven. 98% of what I take owernship of is one person tasks and I then hand them over to QA.
    I love working remotely because umm i think i hate ppl? or i am just not good with small talk.
    I am also super productive when i work from home because i have my surroundings setup the way i want and i always spend more than the required 8 hrs every day
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    @FrodoSwaggins To San Francisco? No 🙁
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    @Root Just do some websites and apps with publicity to get some money.

    Think on a project you can do that doesn't require much maintance , if you get arround 10/20 $ for each project a month is good.

    That's what I would do If I had the time / pacience / and were healthy (Burn out for 2 years sucks). I already tested it, posted an App that no one would download in the Playstore (to learn how to post... not easy the first time, took me 2 days), It has 500 active users and is generating 1$ a month (for a specific app that no one would use). And Only placed a small Ad banner.

    And the more projects you make, the higher change of winning the jackpot, a single project that gives 1000+$ a month.
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    Keep an eye on GitHub jobs
    Or language personal jobs board Weworkremotly.com

    Hope it helps you in some way
    Wish you best 😊
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    @Thewebdev Thanks 🙂 I'm already checking most of those.

    @RodrigoF I'm not sure that's feasible right now, but I'll consider it! There are a few minor projects I want to build anyway.
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    @bondman United States. A state called Missouri
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    @gitpush sup? I got no mail.
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    @plusgut I'm sorry bro had a class yesterda and git home around d 9:30 -> sleep, ill do it today for sure. Sorry for the delay 🙁
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    @gitpush no problem, I have no hurry ;) Just wanted to be sure, that nothing went wrong.
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    @plusgut nope all is good thanks for checking up 😀
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    @cuervo lol thanks, I live in AZ
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