You don’t appreciate software if you buy Samsung cause they be ripping you off by selling you 90% hardware for the price of an iPhone!

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    I'm still mad at them about Knox.
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    @kamen What happened with Knox? I just bought a s9 and everything seems okay to me at a surface level
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    @DeepHotel That once you trip it, you're basically out of warranty. No rooting, no bootloader unlocking, just use your device like a fucking iPhone. Too bad, because they're admittedly top notch in terms of hardware.
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    @kamen Honestly, the complete and total customization of android was the most alluring part of Android for me. Have you ever heard of Magisk Installer from XDA? It's really cool!
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    @growling Dude, check out dex.
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    @LinuxMasochist Yeah, but to install Magisk, you have to unlock the bootloader (in the case of Samsung by jumping through a whole lot of hoops, and that still trips Knox). In the case of a Google Nexus/Pixel or a 1+ (and a few others), it's as simple as enabling unlocking in settings and issuing the command "fastboot oem unlock" through adb shell. Re-locking after that is just as simple and no one can tell that the device has ever been unlocked.
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    I started with 3gs/4s/5s, then moved to s7 Edge/s8+/s10+. Maybe it's just because the tech got better but I'm so much happier with my samsungs. I even jailbroke all of my iPhones and I'm still happier. I don't care about jailbreak anymore.

    Also, Apple have put a lot more effort into stopping jailbreaking than Knox has.
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