When in doubt, 'C' .

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    *sensible chuckle*
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    Girlfriend cup
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    @M1sf3t minors makes our inner self cry.
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    C#: musicians, programmers, people with good eyesight
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    @M1sf3t So you're into minors... 🤨

    I prefer majors of any kind, any cup size as long as it aesthetically fits with the body, my grades were on a European 1-10 scale, I don't eat anything with vitamins unless caffeine counts, no hepatitis of any kind please... and none of the lettered languages either, I'd pick Haskell, Rust or Go depending on purpose and my mood.

    I don't C why people like C so much.

    What PHP is for webdev, C is for systems programming. (I know I'm pissing a lot of people off with that haha, come fight me after school!)
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    I'm Java developer, I don't C. Hihihi
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    What kind of music is C?
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    @soapmactervish usually an easy chord C.
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    @soapmactervish C is a note in the American standard notation. In Spanish/Italian C refers to the "DO" note
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