Screw it! Finally moved out of toxic, demotivating, slow paced, but really comfortable comfort zone(large company).
It's been a month, relatively very happy, latest tech stack, fast paced environment (literally no one has time to play politics or gossip), with 40% hike. I can clearly see I'm burning out but at least I'm enjoying work.
Down the line I'm sure I appreciate myself for this big move.

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    Nothing is ever worth burning out.
    Burning out makes you miserable, no matter how good everything else is.
    For your own sake, don't burn yourself out. When you'll start regretting it it will already be too late, and fixing it will be exponentially harder.
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    @endor thanks for advice, at this point I don't see it that ways, may be because I'm enjoying work. I've been thru this in the past, let's see.
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