When you realize only one "person" in your life remembered

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    Ugh they should have said JSON.

    Happy birthday btw 😄
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    Why does it say Jason, but your username is Tommy? Either way, happy birthday!
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    So you're missing the doodle game of today. You're the most unluck person in the world
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    @thmnmlst not sure if you don't understand the reason for me asking that, or just joking, but his username is actual real life name, unlike yours. His post might repost from reddit or so, meaning it's not actually his birthday, yet people are congratulating him. So no, I don't think your name is same as your username.
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    @micropi chill, this guy likes to mess people don't you @thmnmlst ? Although in some languages it could be your real name
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    @thmnmlst That escalated quickly...
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    @jpichardo chill why? I'm already chill, but I wasn't sure if he is joking or doesn't understand reason behind why I got confused about OP's name
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    @micropi chill is my universal word for ... everything.
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    @azuredivay I wonder what Opera does I have the new Neon browser its definitely "bubbly"
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    @thmnmlst No present so far :(

    Im thinking I may have to treat myself... there is a local comicbook store, hopefully there is something rick and morty related T_T
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    My ex too! Some I haven't seen in years 😂
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    @Pac23 so its based on my account, not sure if cookies or what LOL
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    @kvsjxd I hope next year its an animation!
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    @micropi very fishy. I smell an import from reddit or the like...
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    @micropi his name is tommy gebru. Look at his github account. Fucking repost. Thanks for paying attention to details
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    Then you realise that the "person" is not actually a person
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