Holy shit looks exciting, an actual split window manager with custom layouts on win10?


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    Not bad, but that white theme (taskbar) looks so washed out and ugly imo.
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    @AlgoRythm that's an old release independent of this powertool, an option too, default is still black
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    oh boy, Microsoft have done good today!!!
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    @JoshBent I know, I still think it's jarring, though.
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    @AlgoRythm oh, I agree haha
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    It is exciting, but it's also tempting to say that the trend of Windows badly imitating Linux continues.
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    @powerfulparadox but you heard of WSL right?

    MS is doing what was needed for a long time, unite the features that make a good OS into one OS. Because it fucking sucks to have dual boot for games, paperwork, browsing, having fun and an actual shell and a sane system for development on one system.

    And that's where money comes into play, linux has no stakeholder selling you the system. Windows can do so.
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    @nitwhiz But you heard of Proton, DXVK, etc. Right? Those have almost completely removed the need for dual-booting for games and are improving rapidly.

    You need to elaborate what features make a good OS, because Windows is just as guilty of failures (if not moreso) than Linux/Unix is, just in different ways. If you mean that Windows is better at attracting commercial users, that is true. But there are some strong architectural reasons to prefer Unix, which Microsoft has acknowledged (even if only tacitly) since at least Windows NT which was designed by a Unix guy and had a POSIX layer for running Unix software.

    Having no stakeholder selling you the system could arguably be a plus, rather than a minus, because the system has to stand on its own technical merits, rather than the salesmanship of the company.

    WSL is a hack, and doesn't solve the bloated, unstable mess that is current Windows architecture. It adds overhead when running Linux properly is more efficient and not hackneyed.
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    @powerfulparadox of course. I would never choose windows for servers.

    And that's the same reason why I'd never choose Linux for games. Of course there's "improvement". But there is also "beta" and "not further developed" and shit like that. And that's why I use the tool already doing the job very good.

    I don't say any of them is better. I use windows as much as I use linux and i honestly love both. It'd just be nice to have both worlds in one. And yes, WSL is shit. Maybe WSL2 is better but in the end just another layer of emulation.

    All I'm saying is MS shouldn't be blamed for trying to achieve what's actually nice for all users. Professionals and casuals.
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    @nitwhiz I'm not blaming Microsoft, just intentionally providing a perspective that makes their progress look less impressive (because being mean to corporations is fun sometimes). Things like Vulkan are making it easier for games to be less directly tied to any particular OS, and Valve seems committed to reducing their dependency on Windows (even if SteamOS was too ambitious too early), which can only be good for Linux gaming.

    I've had games run better in WINE than on Windows. Admittedly, they were older games, so WINE probably supported their code slightly better than Windows' sketchy backwards compatibility, but there's also the lower system overhead and greater efficiency that Linux can offer. I'm not going to say that Linux is a drop in replacement for Windows gaming, but it's really getting there in the last year or so, and I'm really excited to see the progress being made.

    To be fair, I use both as well. I'm looking forward to when I can drop Windows for good.
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    @nitwhiz My hardware is a bit iffy, and Windows bluescreens every few days, a problem I've never had with Linux.
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    @C0D4 just tested it myself, seriously nice stuff, just wish I could define a layout for each of my monitors, that'd make it infinitely more useful, don't think it has auto-tiling like awesomewm either
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    @JoshBent i dont have multiple monitors at home, will give it a whirl at work though.
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