Just got an offer for a mid engineer position. The pay is actually less than what I currently make. I get that different companies have different salary expectations. But this company is actually closer to a major tech hub then where I'm at. They actually came in 5k less then what I asked for. But here's the real kicker, I'd only start with 7 days of PTO and 5 recognized holidays. This seems super low to me. So the question is, what's everyone's expectations (particularly in the US) for PTO? I get 15 right now and 8 recognized holidays. Which seems reasonable.

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    We're told we are allowed to take off as many days as we want but nobody ever does. It's a very small startup so there isn't anytime to take off.
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    @gat0r I've heard several people say that. Places that offer unlimited PTO actually see people taking less time off usually.
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    life advice: move to europe for a more relaxed life.
    5 weeks of paid vacation time (travel the world).
    unlimited sick time.
    Parental leave
    free childcare
    no need for a car which means more money in pocket.
    Less consumerism
    A doctors visit doesn't bankrupt you.
    38-40h workweek with no expected overtime.
    And the demand for devs is so high that you can ask for any salery.
    And it isn't as hot as in texas.

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    @NoMad good point
    comprehensive unemployment benefits and welfare
    depening on the country your salery is insured and you get 60-75% of your last salery up to a year
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    With 19 years of experience I have 4 weeks of PTO and 9 recognized holidays. When I was starting out, that was more like 2 weeks of PTO and 5 or 6 holidays.
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    @heyheni and don't forget about fewer guns (as long as you stay out of Switzerland)
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    @nibor oh yes and in Switzerland our military issued assault riffles stays in our attics with ammunition stored far away in the barracks. So no mass shootings in Switzerland.
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    There are a number of things that set CH apart from the US in that regard, not least of which is the political and societal focus on education, and the resultant general level of education possessed by the general population. Compulsory training with these weapons makes a huge difference too.
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