Full stack devops engineer is not that far away. Get ready people.

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    It's already here.... hi 👋

    Full stack - tick
    DevOps - tick
    Engineer / Developer - tick

    Let's join it all up now 😂
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    It has already been here all the time
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    It's just the politically correct way of saying "Developer who isn't useless"
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    @unsignedint YES YES YES!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
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    I'm all but devops, and I'm working on that.
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    @Root 🤔I need to think of something else to add to my title before I have to share it.
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    All developers should be "full stack DevOps" to a certain extent, in that we should all have a working knowledge of backend, frontend, and the ability to deploy and manage the deployment of our stuff.

    Only issue I have is when companies think Devs should be "experts" in all those areas...
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