maybe it's a joke....

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    Rolling your own encryption is the safest way to store sensitive data!!!!!!
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    Oh god why
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    @pingu yeaaay moar exaggeration, complexity = SECUREEEE!!!!!
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    Thats.... a mess?
    Looks like the one who came up with this decided to sha256(base64(utf8(everything))) makes sense somehow.
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    @magicMirror yeah thats why i tag this as a joke, i don't know why this exaggerated code is necessary -_-
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    The only valid reason is to add complexity when doing reverse engineering
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    Actually at least two of those layers have a very valid reason. I still do not understand the whole function though.
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    To make it truely secure, store the data as a hash and then bruteforce it every time to reveal the original data.
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    @unsignedint so the user can wait to finally login about a year after pressin' the button
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    RIP Clean Code
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    @bigus-dickus wat? pbkdf is essentially repeated sha....
    oh..... i get it now.
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