Got my amd custom build
Issue I'm facing audio jacks (front and rare ) are not working.
->Drivers are updated.
->Tried different old drivers didn't helped.
->Window is updated.
->Headphones are detected and can control volume too but no sound is passed on the headphones
Troubleshooter is of no help here
This is frustrating me these days
Any help would be appreciated :)

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    Use Loonux
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    Have you installed chipset drivers from AMD and your motherboard manufacturer's websites?
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    @retnikt yeah but they too are not helping :(
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    @X3nON dude your default sound device is speakers change that to headphones in settings of the audio devices.
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    @drekhi12 i have checked and headphones are set to default :(
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    Dude have you checked you are not deaf?

    Did you plug the correct connector into the correct place on the motherboard?
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    @electrineer Well declaring me a deaf is the last option i guess but i would blame the fucking windows and drivers they are really a mess right now.
    And yes i have checked the mbd cables million times they are at the right place.
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    Some additional troubleshooting you can do.

    Is it working if you boot from a Linux Live CD? If so, you can rule out your cables being in the wrong places.

    After installing your mobo's drivers (NOT generic drivers!), when you plug in an audio device, does some kind of Realtek window pop up? Most vendor drivers come with an audio utility similar to the one in my attachment.

    Do your headphones work?

    Do you use any intermediate software (Voicemeeter)? They might need to be reconfigured.

    Are you accidentally plugging your headphones in the wrong port? I know most modern cases actually forego the color coding of 3.5mm's in favor of style, and this might screw you.
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