I am a passionate software engineer.
That means that I strive towards excellence, in all aspects of software engineering. It also means that I cannot abide impediments towards those goals.

In practicality, it means that I will try as hard as I can to make the best possible solution for any specific problem. And that if I can make an improvement to the codebase that will make it easier for the next developer to work with it, I will absolutely make it.

I used to believe that my immediate manager had an understanding of my philosophy and why it was important not just to me personally, but to how the company had to move forwards in general also.

I just had a conversation today that completely flipped my perception of him and his role in the company.

I need a new job. Again. Because business people do not understand software, even if their entire business is based on software.

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    You need another flip, this time for yourself. Use their incompetence against them. It's not that they see tech - because they can't.

    They see only what you make them see. They think they judge by themselves, but you're the gatekeeper of their information.

    You know, it's like Conan's secret of steel.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs I am acutely aware of #1, and I am in no way suffering from the illusion that the perfect solution will always exist.

    Regarding #2, I know for a fact that there is absolutely no reason to not invest in the future of the company except for a complete misunderstanding of what that entails.
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    Started like bullshit advertisements.
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    I think I had that manager. Lemme advise you with what worked for me. Stop telling him.
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